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Maintenance and Styling

There are many written and video tutorials to teach you valuable techniques for properly caring for and styling your hair; here are a few links.
Hair Types


Curly Washing 101
Curly Conditioning 101
Styling 101
Hair Glossary

Miss Jessie's
How-to styling videos
Includes instructions for doing a twist out, finger styling, and shingling.

Healthy Hair Journey/Hydrathermal Naturals
Natural Styling Guide

Newly Natural
Healthy Hair Tips

Curly Hair Salon

Komaza Care
African American Hair Care Tips

Oyin Handmade
Natural Hair Care Tips

Black Hair Planet
Going Natural
Determine the Shape of your Face
Dealing with Specific Facial Features
How to Match Your Hairstyle and Body Type
Hair Care FAQ

More Tips
How To Do A Black Hair Twist Like A Pro
Twist Set
Quick Hairstyle: The Overnight Natural Hair Twist Out
The Best and Worst Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
Split Ends: Everything You and Your Hair Need to Know, Black Hair, Natural Black Hair